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Geometry of Complex Webs - Minicourse and International Exploratory Workshop


2-5 février 2020


Dr Robin Delabays, HES-SO Valais
Prof. Christian Mazza, UNIFR


Prof. Christian Mazza, UNIFR
Prof. Moon Duchin, Tufts University, US
Dr Myfanwy Evans, TU Berlin, DE
Prof. Elisenda Feliu, University of Copenhagen, DK
Prof. Kathryn Hess-Bellwald, EPFL
Prof. Philippe Jacquod, HES-SO Valais Wallis
Prof. Ioan Manolescu, UNIFR
Prof. Toshiyuki Nakagaki, Hokkaido University, JP
Prof. Alan Newell, University of Arizona, US
Prof. Eduardo Sontag, Northeastern University, US


This event consists in a one-day minicourse followed by a three-days workshop. The minicourse will be on statistical learning and neural networks and will be specially designed for PhD students and people with no or few knowledge of the topic. As such, it is designed as an introduction to the workshop itself. The workshop intends to bring together international researchers from various backgrounds and interests, all of which related to geometric aspects of complex webs. Hence, the targeted audience includes, but is not restricted to, mathematicians (theoretical and applied), life scientists, computer scientists, and engineers. As an exploratory 3-days workshop, its main goal is to start synergies and collaborations between people with complementary skills, leading to new lines in fundamental and applied research. As a joint workshop organized by researchers from the HES-SO Valais Wallis and the University of Fribourg, it intends to deepen connections between universities and universities of applied sciences (HES/FH), as well as between swiss and international researchers. A special effort will be given to allocate time for social interactions and networking. To this end, we are planning on having a poster session and a problem session.


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