Before the activity:

     During the activity:

    • To claim reimbursement after the activity participants from CUSO Universities must sign the participation list. The participation list is sent to the organizer a few days before the activity (if not, please contact Claudia Kolly)
    • Prepare the form "ordre de payement pour intervenant-e-s et personnel d'encadrement" in order to reimburse the speakers and organisers. In particular, we need their signature. Please ask all participants who will claim for a reimbursement to gather their original receipts and their boarding passes.
    • Doctoral students will be reimbursed either with online reimbursement (under: for travel costs to reimburse or with the reimbursement form "remboursement de frais à un-e participant-e" for more than travel costs to reimburse.
    • All these documents are on the website of the CUSO. You can find here the rules for reimbursement.

     After the activity:

    • Send the signed participation list together with the reimbursement forms and receipts to: CUSO / Programme doctoral en mathématiques, c/o Claudia Kolly, Spitalstrasse 57, 3280 Meyriez.
    • Send the bills of the hotel and/or restaurant to Claudia Kolly (please, never pay a bill through your University).
    • Send a short report of the activity (about 15 lines) and a short appreciation of the organizers (evaluation, positive / negative points, suggestions, etc.) to Claudia Kolly