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Communicating mathematics to non-mathematicians


Début février 2018


Ana KHUKHRO, M-Ass., Université de Neuchâtel


Ann DOOMS, Prof. Dr., Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgique


In September 2016, Professors Marc Troyanov (EPFL) and Alain Valette (UniNE) organised in Neuchâtel a one-day event «Communicating mathematics to fellow mathematicians». With Prof. Etienne Ghys (ENS Lyon) as a guest star, this was a success, which prompted the idea of organising something similar about communication aimed at non-mathematicians. Indeed, there are several occasions besides teaching, where a mathematician can be led to explain mathematical ideas to non-mathematicians: to high school students interested in studies/careers in maths; to the public, during math exhibits or popularization talks; to journalists; to fellow scientists in an interdisciplinary collaboration; to members of selection committees in job interviews; and, last but not least, to family who tries to understand what you do on an everyday basis. You will need to change your communication strategy in function of your audience and of the expected benefit. This one-day workshop will be led by Prof. Ann DOOMS (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). Short bio: After a thesis in pure mathematics (group rings), Ann Dooms became the leader of the research groups in digital mathematics at VUB. She is now collaborating with art historians and experts in forensics, in applying wavelet theory to restauration and authentification of artwork. This led her to take special curricula in communication of science. See: As a sample, see her TED-talk : As in the case of the event with E. Ghys, we plan a hands-on workshop where PhD will be assigned a homework in advance, in the form of a short presentation to prepare in view of a given audience. Then on the day of the workshop, after 2 hours of general presentation by Prof. Dooms, they will have to present it in front of their fellows and the 3 senior people. It will then be collectively analyzed with positive criticism


Institut de Mathématiques, Université de Neuchâtel



Deadline for registration 05.02.2018
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