IMPORTANT: coronavirus epidemic Covid-19

The evolution of the CoVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic and the measures taken by the authorities lead us to suspend all CUSO programs «real-life» activities for the entire spring semester. Each program will endeavour to reschedule planned activities at a later date, once the situation has subsided, but in any case not before August. Some activities may be offered online. Please check the websites of the various programs. Thank you for your collaboration and understanding.


Under the label Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics the departments and institutes of mathematics at the Universities of BaselBernFribourgGeneva and Neuchâtel offer a joint program for doctoral students in mathematics. The program is open to all doctoral students at the mentioned universities and aims to provide a comprehensive spectrum of research and training activities.

The graduate students are attached to the universities where they are enrolled. In particular, master's and doctoral degrees are issued by the participating universities and are outside the competence of the Doctoral Program.

The Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics consists of participating faculty, graduate students enrolled in the Doctoral Program, and post-docs. Participation is voluntary. The  Doctoral Program permits doctoral students to validate their engagement and to profit from the offers and benefits of the program.

The Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics was founded in 2006. In a pilot phase till 2008 it was running together with the pre-existing Ecole doctorale de mathématiques Genève - Neuchâtel. In 2009, the Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics had a common budget with the Troisième cycle Romand de mathématiques and was fully supported by the CUSO

On January 1, 2010, the Doctoral Program merged with the Troisième cycle Romand de mathématiques and runs now under the official label Programme doctoral en mathématiques de la CUSO. Please see the archive for the history of the Troisième cycle.