The activities of the Doctoral Program are planned by the Council and directed by the Committee. The Secretary takes care of the accounting and registers the students achievements.

The Council is composed of two faculty members and one PhD student (plus a substitute) from each university participating in the Doctoral Program. The Director of the Ecole doctoral de l'EPFL is a permanent invitee in the Council

The responsibilities of the Council are as follows: 

  •  To plan activities of the Doctoral Program and to coordinate the activities with other graduate schools. The program of activities is prepared and announced for each academic year.
  • To elect the Committee among its members.

The Council can delegate part of its responsibilities to the Committee who runs the activities of the Doctoral Program in the periods between the meetings of the Council

The Committee is composed of a Director, a Vice Director, and a PhD student. The Directors are faculty members. 

The responsibilities of the Committee are as follows: 

  •  To distribute the budget of the Doctoral Program between different activities.
  •  To approve applications of graduate students for entering the Doctoral Program and for participation in various activities. 

Faculty members of participating institutions are entitled and invited to submit proposals to the  Doctoral Program Committee.