Schedule of the 16th Graduate Colloquium

Thursday, the 18th February 2016

11h-11h30Lucas Dahinden (UNINE)Open books and contact geometry
11h45-12h15Jonathan Rochat (EPFL)Numerical Approximation of Turbulent Flows in Electrolysis Cells
13h30-14hLuc Pétiard (UNINE)Spectral inequalities and isoperimetric ratio
14h15-14h45Jordane Granier (UNIFR)Hyperbolic geometry and moduli spaces of polyhedra
15h-16hThiebout Delabie  (UNINE)Box spaces of the free group
16h-16h30Coffee Break
16h30-17h30Prof. Marc Troyanov (EPFL)Mathematical literature: What does it takes to write a decent or even a good mathematical text and why it is important
19h30Dinner in the Brasserie du Jura


 Friday, the 19th February 2016

9h30-10h30Elia Saini (UNIFR)Small hyperplane arrangements are isotopic
10h30-11hCoffee Break
11h-12hAlexandre Ramos-Peon (UNIBE)Symmetries of complex affine space and other complex manifolds
12h-12h30Birkhäuser Prize