Journée Georges de Rham

The Journée Georges de Rham has been introduced in 1991 by the Troisième cycle Romand de mathematiques and usually takes place at EPF Lausanne. It convenes mathematicians not only of the CUSO universities, but also from the whole of Switzerland and from abroad and stimulates interaction between professors, postdocs and PhD students. The organisers invite two speakers of international reputation who present their vision of contemporary mathematics and of future developments. A particular aim is to offer doctoral students a modern high class perspective of mathematical sciences and to establish contacts on an international level and with other research groups.

2020   James Maynard (University of Oxford)
Approximating real numbers by fractions
Corinna Ulcigrai (University of Zurich)
Slow chaos: dynamics of parabolic systems
2019   Claudia de Rham (Imperial College London)
From de Rham Cohomology to Massive Gravity
Martin Hairer (Imperial College London)
Taming Infinities
2018   Francis Brown (University of Oxford)
De Rham Integration
Nigel Hitchin (University of Oxford)
Integrable systems and algebraic geometry
2017   Stéphane Mallat (École Normale Supérieure)
Mathematical Mysteries of Deep Networks
Sergei Tabachnikov (PennState University)
Flavors of bicycle mathematics
2016   Gregory F. Lawler (Chicago)
Self-avoiding motion
Martin Zirnbauer (Cologne)
Bott periodicity and the "Periodic Table" of topological insulators and superconductors
2015   Wilfrid S. Kendall (Warwick)
Buffon Needles, Google Maps, and Friends
Robert J. Adler (Technion)
Phase Transitions and Random Topology
2014   Ilia Itenberg (Paris)
Invariants in real enumerative geometry
Alex Lubotzky (Jerusalem)
High dimensional expanders and Ramanujan complexes
2013   Etienne Ghys (ENS Lyon)
William Thurston et les feuilletages
Robert Meyerhoff (Boston College)
Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds: Historical Development and Some Future Paths
2012   Marta Sanz-Solé (Barcelone)
An overview of Malliavin calculus: origins and recent developments
Yves Benoist (Paris XI, Orsay)
Dynamical system on the torus
2011   Mikhail Kapranov (Yale University)
Formal loops and chiral differential operators
Don Zagier (MPI Bonn & Collège de France)
From mock theta functions to black holes
2010   Luigi Ambrosio (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)
Surface measures in Euclidean spaces, Carnot groups and Wiener space
Alexander Bobenko (Technische Universität Berlin)
Discrete Differential Geometry: Theory and Applications
2009   Curtis McMullen (Harvard University)
Billiards and moduli space
Peter Sarnak (Princeton University)
The affine linear sieve
2008   Jean-Christophe Yoccoz (Collège de France)
Dynamique et Géométrie des échanges d'intervalles
Gang Tian (Princeton University)
Geometry and Analysis of low dimensional Manifolds
2007   László Lovász (Microsoft research USA)
The limit of a growing graph sequence
Benoît Mandelbrot (Yale, USA)
Fractales et multifractales : survol et quelques résultats récents
2006   Jean-Pierre Serre (Collège de France)
Le "nombre de points mod m" d'une variété algébrique
Akshay Venkatesh (MIT)
p-adic dynamics and representations by quadratic forms
2005   Morris Hirsch (UC Berkeley)
Actions of Lie algebras and Lie groups on surfaces
Benjamin Weiss (University of Jerusalem)
Recent developments in the ergodic theory of amenable group actions
2004   Marcus du Sautoy (Oxford)
Through the looking glass: groups from a number theoretic perspective
Robert Ghrist (Urbana-Champaign)
Knotted Flowlines
2003   Martin R. Bridson (Imperial College London)
The geometry of the word problem
Marcel Berger (IHES)
Dynamiser la géométrie élémentaire : introduction aux travaux de Richard Schwartz
2002   Valentin Poénaru (Université Paris-Sud, Orsay)
Problèmes de Topologie en petite dimension
John Milnor (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Is there a science of complexity?
2001   Antonio Ambrosetti (SISSA, Trieste)
Perturbation in critical point theory and applications to nonlinear differential equations
Stuart Antman (University of Maryland at College Park)
Analytic consequences of incompressibility in mechanics
2000   Jean Bellissard (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
La géométrie non commutative des solides apériodiques
Etienne Ghys (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon)
La structure des feuilletages holomorphes
1999   Jürg Fröhlich (ETH Zürich)
Supersymmetry and Differential Geometry
Daniel Sternheimer (Université de Dijon)
La cohomologie de de Rham des variétés symplectiques : un classifiant des quantifications
1998   Dieter Kotschick (Universität München)
Signatures, monopoles and mapping class groups
Michel Brion (Université de Grenoble I)
Formule sommatoire d'Euler MacLaurin pour les polytopes convexes rationnels
1997   Shahar Mozes (Hebrew University)
Products of trees, lattices and simple groups
Gilles Pisier (Texas A&M University)
Problèmes de similarité et applications complètement bornées
1996   Rémi Langevin (Université de Bourgogne)
Géométrie intégrale
Ian Hambleton (McMaster University)
Topological equivalence of linear representations
1994   Michèle Audin (Université de Strasbourg)
Matrice de Jacobi
Jean-Benoit Bost (IHES)
Courants de Green et géométrie arithmétique
1993   Jean-Pierre Demailly (Grenoble)
Méthodes analytiques récentes et géométrie algébrique
Vaughan Jones (Berkeley and Geneva)
Groupes de lacets et algèbres d'opérateurs
1992   Jacques Tits  (Collège de France)
Peter Hilton (Binghamton University)
1991   Alain Connes (IHES, Paris)
La notion d'espace géométrique et le modèle standard
Raoul Bott (Harvard)
Aspects of torsion: old and new