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Borel Seminar 2017: Growth in Geometry and Topology


21-25 août 2017


Ruth Kellerhals, Fribourg; Vincent Emery, Bern; Roman Sauer, KIT Karlsruhe; Stefan Wenger, Fribourg


Robert Young, NYU Courant; Holger Kammeyer, KIT Karlsruhe; Steffen Kionke, Düsseldorf; Mehmet Sengün, Sheffield; Vincent Emery, Bern; Enrico Leuzinger, KIT Karlsruhe; Roman Sauer, KIT Karlsruhe; Alain Valette, Neuchâtel; Stefan Wenger, Fribourg


The aim of the summer school is to provide an introduction to several very active and related research fields in geometry and topology with a special attention to growth, asymptotic invariants of groups and spaces as well as arithmetic aspects.
The main focus will be on

  • growth in homology (torsion homology growth and L2-Betti numbers),
  • growth of various notions of volume (Dehn and filling functions and growth of hyperbolic groups),
  • hyperbolic volume and arithmetical aspects.

Research on growth in homology rapidly developed in recent years. With regard to torsion homology growth of 3-manifolds and arithmetic locally symmetric spaces new connections between topology and number theory were found. Further, new concepts like invariant random subgroups emerged.

Dehn functions have for example played an important role in Gromov's program to classify finitely presented groups up to quasi-isometry.


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