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Borel Seminar: «Lattices in Negative Curvature»


17 - 21 juillet 2023

Responsable de l'activité

Ruth Kellerhals


Martin Deraux (Université Grenoble Alpes, Institut Fourier), Vincent Emery (BFH Biel), Ruth Kellerhals (Université de Fribourg)


Mini-courses: Daniel Allcock (Austin), Matthew Stover (Temple), Alexander Kolpakov (Neuchâtel); Individual talks: Vincent Emery (Biel), Elisha Falbel (Paris), John Parker (Durham), Irene Pasquinelli (Bristol), Julien Paupert (Tempe), Jean Raimbault (Marseille), François Thilmany (Luxembourg), Pierre Will (Grenoble)


Overview: The topic of the conference covers several aspects of discrete subgroups of Lie groups, small volume quotient spaces, non-arithmetic lattices in PU(n,1) and hybrid constructions as well as aspects around the Leech lattices. There will be mini-courses of introductory nature about (real) hyperbolic manifolds, lattices in PU(n,1) and the Leech lattice. Individual talks will provide insight into recent developments concerning minimal covolume lattices in Lie groups, the caracterisation and the construction of non-arithmetic lattices in PU(n,1), generalisations of the hybrid construction of Gromov and Piatetski-Shapiro in the non-real case. Programme: 3 mini-courses of 2-3 talks each, individual talks and question/problem sessions in the afternoon.


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Hôtel Les Sources, Les Diablerets


For more information please contact the website of the organizers:


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Deadline for registration 04.07.2023
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