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Borel Seminar: Topology and Dynamics in the Swiss Alps


December 2 - 7, 2018


Prof. Alessandra Iozzi (ETH Zurich), Dr. Christoforos Neofytidis (Université de Genève), Prof. Federico Rodriguez Hertz (Penn State University)


Mini courses: Aaron Brown (University of Chicago), Marc Burger (ETH Zurich), Barbara Schapira (Rennes University) Research talks: Yves de Cornulier (Orsay, CNRS), Danjela Damjanovic (KTH Stockholm), Thomas Delzant (University of Strasbourg), David Fisher (Indiana University), Andrey Gogolev (Ohio State University), Ursula Hamenstädt (University of Bonn), Fanny Kassel (IHES, CNRS), Dieter Kotschick (LMU Munich), Jean-Francois Lafont (Ohio State University)


This conference will cover topics on the interface of topology and dynamical systems. During the last decades there has been great development in topology and dynamics of manifolds, especially on problems related to partially hyperbolic dynamics, Anosov diffeomorphisms, bounded cohomology and mapping class groups. Those problems originate by seminal works of Anosov, Smale, Gromov and others. In order to develop new ideas and attack to those problems, mathematicians have been used methods and techniques from many areas of mathematics, including differential geometry, group theory, algebraic topology and functional analysis. This conference aims to present to young scientists some of those basic ideas and developments and encourage further collaborations. The conference will consitute of three mini courses given in the mornings and about ten research talks given in the afternoons. The mini courses will be given on an advanced graduate class level so that they enable young participants to get a good understanding of various important concepts and ideas of topology and dynamics. For each mini couse, we anticipate to have three one-hour lectures. Briefly, the mini courses will concern topics related to partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms, symmetric spaces/bounded cohomology and dynamics of flows on hyperbolic spaces. The research talks will present recent works of the speakers, describing their contributions to relevant problems of topology and dynamics. We plan to have two one-hour research talks each afternoon and plently of time for questions and individual discussions. The research talks will be structured so that, beyond presenting results, they provide space for thoughts and new ideas. We believe that this would enable new collaborations and produce the basis for further understanding of open problems


Les Diablerets, Switzerland


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Deadline for registration 30.11.2018
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