Doctoral students

111 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Almuslimani Ibrahim UNIGE E-Mail Multiscale integrators for optimal control problems Gilles Vilmart
Martin J. Gander
Aydin Cengiz UNINE E-Mail Symplectic Geometry Felix Schlenk
Urs Frauenfelder
BAGNOUD Pierre aldéric UNIGE E-Mail Geometric group theory Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda
Bär Ruben UNIBE E-Mail Algebra and Hyperbolic geometry
Basso Gianluca UNIL E-Mail Quotients of Projective Fraïssé Limits Jacques Duparc
Riccardo Camerlo
Benheddi Mounir UNIGE E-Mail Knot theory David Cimasoni
Paul Turner
Bertoli Guillaume UNIGE E-Mail Numerical methods for the Schrödinger equation Gilles Vilmart
Bianco Giulia UNINE E-Mail Criptography on elliptic curves
Bik Arthur UNIBE E-Mail Strength and Noetherianity for infinite Tensors Jan Draisma
Boikii Roman UNIGE E-Mail
BONNIER Virginie UNIGE E-Mail Construction of knot invariants from super Hopf algebras. Rinat Kashaev
BOT Anna UNIBAS E-Mail Automorphisms of rational surfaces Prof. Dr. Jérémy Blanc
Bottinelli Rémi UNINE E-Mail Aleksandr Kolpakov
Brendel Joé UNINE E-Mail Symplectic geometry Prof. Felix Schlenk
Brönnimann Julie UNINE E-Mail Group theory Laura Ciobanu
Alain Valette
Brügger Rahel UNIBAS E-Mail Shape optimization for time dependent PDEs
Chaouqui Faycal UNIGE E-Mail Numerical analysis
CHEN Zhubin IHEID E-Mail Health Economics Jean-Louis Arcand 2023
Chiarello Simone Melchiorre UNIGE E-Mail Cohomology of moduli spaces
Codesido Santiago UNIGE E-Mail Topological String Theory Marcos Mariño
Conway Anthony UNIGE E-Mail Low dimensional topology David Cimasoni
Cucchi Irene UNIGE E-Mail Electronic structure of topological materials thinned down to a few layers Felix Baumberger
Dotti Edoardo UNIFR E-Mail Hyperbolic Geometry Ruth Kellerhals
Dougoud Michaël UNIFR E-Mail
Drewitz Simon UNIFR E-Mail Hyperbolic Geometry Ruth Kellerhals
Dubout Jeremy UNIGE E-Mail Metric geometry and functional analysis Anders Karlsson
DUJELLA Marta UNIBAS E-Mail Heights, unlikely intersections and rational points Prof. Dr. Philipp Habegger
Egloff Mattia UNIL E-Mail Informatical science and Mathematical Methods for human sciences François Bavaud
Elefante Giacomo UNIFR E-Mail Rational Interpolation Prof. Jean-Paul Berrut
Estier Solenn UNIGE E-Mail Michelle Bucher
Felder Matteo UNIGE E-Mail Graph Complexes Anton Alekseev
Thomas Willwacher
Fernandez Vilanova Lucas UNIBE E-Mail Low dimensional topology
Ferretti Livio Clemente Emilio UNIBE E-Mail Knot theory and low dimensional topology
Fitzi Martin UNIFR E-Mail Geometric Analysis Prof. Stefan Wenger
FONG Pascal UNIBAS E-Mail Algebraic geometry Prof. Jérémy Blanc
Francoeur Dominik UNIGE E-Mail Geometric group theory Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda
Friedli Fabien UNIGE E-Mail Analytic graph theory Anders Karlsson
Gauthier Carl-Erik UNINE E-Mail Long Term Behaviour of Self-Interacting Diffusions Michel Benaïm
Gerhat Borbala Mercedes UNIBE E-Mail Operator and Spectral Theory Prof. Dr. Christiane Tretter
GIVI Glory mary UNIGE E-Mail Opinion dynamics in complex networks Dr. Philippe Jacquod 2023
GLEICHMANN Yannik UNIBAS E-Mail Inverse Scattering Problems
Grave de Peralta Laura UNINE E-Mail Alexander Kolpakov
HAYDER Thomas UNIBAS E-Mail Percolation on Random Graphs
Hayez Laurent UNINE E-Mail Geometric group theory Alain Valette
Heid Pascal UNIBE E-Mail Numerical Mathematics
Hoessly Linard UNIFR E-Mail Stochastic processes and algebraic systems
Jäggli Christoph UNINE E-Mail Efficient hydrogeological Monte Carlo inversion based on Multiple-Points Statistics Prof. Philippe Renard
Dr. Julien Straubhaar
Josi Johannes UNIGE E-Mail Nodal rational sextics in the real projective plane Grigory Mikhalkin
Ilia Itenberg
Kaiser Tom UNINE E-Mail Box spaces and L^2-Betti numbers
Kalinin Nikita UNIGE E-Mail Grigory Mikhalkin
Kalmykov Ilja UNIBAS E-Mail Multiple Scale Problems Prof. Helmut Harbrecht
Karemera Mucyo UNIGE E-Mail Quantum invariants of 3-manifolds from a quantum group related to $U_q(\mathfrak{sl}_3)$. Rinat Kashaev 2016
Khristoforov Mikhail UNIGE E-Mail Statistical physics
Kolokolnikova Natalia UNIGE E-Mail Global singularity theory Andras Szenes
Kubivskyi Yaroslav UNIGE E-Mail SLE's with drift term arising from massive statistical mechanics models Stanislav Smirnov
KUMBHAR Pratik Mahadeo UNIGE E-Mail Domain Decomposition Methods
LANDOLINA Cristina UNINE E-Mail Rank Metric Codes Elisa Gorla
Laurent Adrien UNIGE E-Mail Numerical analysis for SDEs and SPDEs Gilles Vilmart
LE MARDELÉ Florian UNIFR E-Mail Topological semi-metal Ana Akrap 2022
Li Jhih-Huang UNIGE E-Mail Universality of the FK-percolation Hugo Duminil-Copin and Stanislav Smirnov
Liechti Livio UNIFR -
Louis Justine UNIGE E-Mail --- Anders Karlsson
Mamooler Parisa UNIGE E-Mail H-Matrix Martin J. Gander
MCCOID Conor UNIGE E-Mail Domain decomposition Martin Gander
Mercier Valentin UNINE E-Mail Conjugacy growth series of groups Laura Ciobanu
Michel Simon UNIBAS E-Mail Local time-stepping and uncertainty quantification Prof. Dr. Marcus J. Grote
Morvan Xavier UNIGE E-Mail knot theory Rinat Kashaev
Myropolska Aglaia UNIGE E-Mail --- Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda
Naef Florian UNIGE E-Mail Mathematical Physics
Nahum Uri UNIBAS E-Mail Inverse Problems Marcus J. Grote
Ndiaye Aïssatou Mossèle UNINE E-Mail Géométrie Spectrale Bruno Colbois
OSWALD Pascal UNIBAS E-Mail Branching random walks in random environment Jiří Černý
Ott Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail Probability theory and statistical mechanic Prof. Y. Velenik
OUTRATA Michal UNIGE E-Mail Numerical mathematics - domain decomposition methods prof. Martin J. Gander
Paunov Alexander UNIGE E-Mail E-positivity of chromatic functions
Perez Aitor UNIGE E-Mail Group Theory Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda
PERRIN Hélène UNINE E-Mail Géométrie spectrale, problème de Steklov. Bruno Colbois
PETIT Joachim UNIBAS E-Mail Analytic Number Theory
PHAM Anh Minh UNIGE E-Mail Mathematical physics David Cimasoni
Pieters Hester UNIGE E-Mail --- Michelle Bucher-Karlsson
Piguet Eiichi UNIGE E-Mail Quantum topology
Pillon Thibault UNINE E-Mail --- Alain Valette
Prosanov Roman UNIFR E-Mail Discrete curvature and rigidity Ivan Izmestiev
Reinhard Basil UNIFR E-Mail Prof. Dr. Stefan Wenger
RIVIER Renaud UNIGE E-Mail Random matrices and sparse random graphs Antti Knowles
RYFFEL Levi UNIBE E-Mail Knot Theory Sebastian Baader
Schmid Stefan UNIBAS E-Mail Number Theory/Arithmetic Geometry
Schmidlin Marc UNIBAS E-Mail Multilevel Methods and Uncertainty Quantification in Cardiac Electrophysiology
Schneeberger Grégoire UNIGE E-Mail Group Theory Prof. Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda
Schneider Julia UNIBAS E-Mail Algebraic geometry Jérémy Blanc
Schulze Christian UNIBAS E-Mail Optimal Mixing for the transport and advection-diffusion equation Prof. Gianluca Crippa
Sidler Hubert UNIFR E-Mail Harmonic Maps Stefan Wenger
Siran Michal UNIGE E-Mail Integration of differential graded manifolds Pavol Severa
Smirnova Daria UNIGE E-Mail Ballistical properties of weakly self-repelling polymers Hugo Duminil-Copin
Studer Luca UNIBE E-Mail Complex geometry Frank Kutzschebauch
Sutti Marco UNIGE E-Mail Optimization on matrix and tensor manifolds using multilevel preconditioning strategies Bart Vandereycken
Tang Jet Hoe UNIBAS E-Mail * Inverse Problem * Wave / Helmholtz Equation * Local Time Stepping
Tröndle Dennis UNIBAS E-Mail Computation of Generalized Solution Spaces
Tutt Joakim UNIGE - Complex hyperbolic geometry and group representation
TUYT Olim UNIBE E-Mail Mathematical logic. In particular, many-valued modal logic and one-variable fragments of many-valued logics. Prof. George Metcalfe 2021
VAN WALSTIJN Koen UNIGE E-Mail A stochastic approach to the stability of high voltage power grids (provisional) Prof. Philippe Jacquod
Vanzan Tommaso UNIGE E-Mail Heterogeneous domain decomposition methods Martin J. Gander
Vargas De León Alejandro José UNIBE E-Mail Combinatoric Aspects of Algebra Jan Draisma
Vuilleumier Louis UNIL E-Mail Continuous Reductions on Quasi-Polish Spaces Jacques Duparc
Wermelinger Jonathan UNIFR E-Mail Moduli Spaces of Nonnegative Metrics Anand Dessai
Michael Wiemeler
Xu Xiaomeng UNIGE E-Mail Poisson geometry in mathematical physics Anton Alekseev
ZIKAS Sokratis UNIBAS E-Mail Construction of Sarkisov links
Zumbrunnen Alexandre UNINE E-Mail Groups action on operator algebras and C^*-algebras Professor Alain Valette
Paul Jolissaint