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Meeting on Matroids over Hyperfields


28 - 29 août 2017


Prof. Emanuele Delucchi, Fribourg


Emanuele Delucchi (Université de Fribourg); Jan Draisma (Universität Bern); Laura Anderson, Jaiung Jun (SUNY Binghamton); Alex Fink (Queen Mary, London); Rudi Pendavingh (TU Eindhoven); Masahiko Yoshinaga (Hokkaido / Bremen); Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Swansea)


Matroids over Hyperfields are algebro-combinatorial objects introduced by Baker and Bowler in 2016 (using the algebraic notion of hyperfield in the sense of Krasner, Viro, Connes-Consani etc.) These structures model and unify matroids, oriented matroids, valuated matroids, phased matroids. They thereby offer new perspectives, provide new tools and open up fresh avenues of research in combinatorics and beyond - e.g., the development of an "(algebraic) geometry of hyperfields" which would subsume the classical theory, real algebraic geometry, Berkovich theory as well as tropical geometry. Our meeting will be the first to be devoted to this budding subject: as such, it will feature lectures on the basics of the still young theory as well as talks tailored to its different applications. We will also have extensive problem sessions and discussions. CUSO doctoral students will benefit from the lectures and problem sessions and will be able to network with international doctoral students and researchers while a promising fresh mathematical field is being explored.


Université de Fribourg




Deadline for registration 27.08.2017
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