The aim of the Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics is to offer an advanced research training in mathematics of high quality and to prepare doctoral students for their future career.

The Doctoral Program provides a broad platform for contacts among the mathematical research groups in Switzerland. The synergistic effect initiated by the joint activities represents a major added value complementing the research activities of the participating universities.

The Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics covers the three following parts:

Education towards research: In a joint effort of the participating research groups at the departments of mathematics at the involved universities the Doctoral Program offers an intensive and broad graduate education in mathematics of international format. The program consists of a wide range of graduate courses and research seminars, summer and winter schools. Moreover, special programs are launched that include block-courses given by internationally recognized speakers, and sequences of lectures focusing on recent developments. The program comprises both, activities that provide a good general mathematical background and specialized topics which are related to the research interests of groups of doctoral students. The learning outcome of the doctoral program is the ability to do independent original research in mathematics.

Information: The Doctoral Program offers a platform of information about research activities, conferences, the mathematical community, and exchange programs. It also provides information about job opportunities and continuing education.

Career management: The Doctoral Program addresses the issue of the professional integration of doctoral students. It serves as a platform to establish contacts with doctoral students of other research groups in Switzerland and offers a challenging and stimulating atmosphere so as to provide young researchers with an excellent base for a professional or research career in mathematics. The offer includes the program of Transferable skills of the CUSO.